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50 Photo Effect Tutorials with Photoshop

Photo effects never get old. If you’re looking for cool Photoshop photo effect tutorials to spice up your image collection, this roundup was put together for you. There are 50 fantastic tutorials to help you to become a true Photoshop rockstar!

Here you’ll find popular tilt-shift techniques, watercolor effects, Instagram effects, polaroid and vintage effects and many, many more. Don’t hesitate to choose the image effect you like the best and follow it through to create truly stunning art.

Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials

1. Instagram Your Images Using Photoshop

Learn how to create a “Nashville” filter from Instagram in a few easy steps.

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2. How To Give Your Photos a Vintage Polaroid Effect

This easy step-by-step guide will show you how to add an old vintage Polaroid style to your ordinary photos using Photoshop. Adjusting image colors and applying Photoshop brushes will convert an image to an old one in no time.

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3. Create Cool Watercolor Effects

Lots of famous designers such as Bruno Fujii, Margot Mace, Raphaël of My Dead Pony, Stina Person, use watercolor effect in their illustrations and it looks fantastic. These days you don’t need watercolor paint to add this awesome effect to your image, Photoshop will help you to perform this task.

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4. How to Make Instagram Filters: Earlybird

Instagram rocks today, am I right‌ One more great tutorial on creating an Instagram filter.

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5. Instagram Quick Effect In Photoshop

You will be surprised how short and simple this tutorial is. It is so quick that you’ll learn how to add a vintage effect to your image in only three steps.

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6. Add Quick Effects to Your Personal Photos

This is a beginners-to-intermediate tutorial to add a cool bokeh effect to you personal images.

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7. How To Create a Movie Style Photo Effect

Everybody likes photo effects that are super easy to recreate. This tutorial will teach you to add a cool cinematic movie effect.

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8. Create a Trendy Retro Photo Effect in 3 Easy Steps

Three really easy steps to show you how to create a retro effect. If these three steps still sound like too much effort, you can download the Photoshop action to add a retro effect to your picture with just a click.

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9. Super Cool Watercolor Effect in 10 Steps

This tutorial has ten easy steps to make a watercolor painting inspired by illustrator Scott Hansen, using Masks and Watercolor Bushes to recreate the stunning image.

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10.  Creating Depth of Field Using the Lens Blur Filter

There is a Lens Blur Filter in Photoshop, it allows you to control the depth. Also, you can choose a place on the picture, where it will be applied. Still don’t know how it works‌ Take a look at this tutorial.

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11. Create a Realistic Broken Glass Effect

This is an easy and quick tutorial on how to apply a realistic broken glass effect to a background image using Photoshop brushes.

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12. Exposure Blending Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll find instructions on how to create an awesome HDR photo effect. The main goal of this lesson is to blend multiple exposures of the same scene into a single image in order to create more dynamic range than your camera is capable of.

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13. Create Light Leaks and Lomo Effects Using Actions

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to create lomo effects and light leaks for your photos. There is also a brief video lesson on how to install and to run actions.

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14. Design Vintage Artwork with Old Newspaper and Watercolor Brush

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to design a stunning watercolor vintage artwork with an old newspaper background.

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15. The Creation of “The Storm is Approaching” Artwork

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16. Dramatic Wrinkles

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17. How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect

Follow this simple guide for creating a cool dark lomo style effect with high contrasts, blue shadows and vignette burns.

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18. Photoshop CS6 Presets: Photographic Toning Retouch Method

This is a cool photo retouch method for making your personal photos super cool.

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19. How To Give Your Photos a Cool Retro Analog Effect

Light leaks, color washes, blurs and vingetting are all common problems when processing a film. While these issues don’t affect digital cameras that much, with this tutorial you will be shown how to recreate these awesome effects.

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20. Using Textures & Blending Modes

Textures help in turning an ordinary shot into a stunning picture. One more useful Photoshop photo effect tutorial to learn a few cool tricks.

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21. Vintage Photo Effect

Vintage is all the fashion today. So, this guide will help you to create stunning vintage style pictures using Photoshop.

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22. Video Tutorial: Create Hipstamatic and Instagram Style Effects With Photoshop and Retrographer

Sometimes video tutorials are better for understanding than the usual tuts with screenshots. A cool lesson to create some Instagram effects.

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23. Photo Effects Week: Apply a Color Effect to a Photo

Applying a color effect can totally change your image. This quick guide will show you how to add a nice cozy effect to your picture.

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24. Video Tutorial: Enhance Detail Using Correction

Want to add an HDR-style detailed effect to your image‌ This tutorial will show you how.

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25. Simulate Film Grain In An Image With Photoshop

In this quick Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn how to mimic film grain.

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26. Portrait Photo To Color Sketch With Photoshop

This step by step guide will show you how to convert a portrait photo into a pencil sketch. A typical sketch is normally black and white, but with this tutorial you’ll learn how to colorize the sketch with the photo’s original colors.

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27. Learn How to Recreate The Instagram Nashville Effect

With the help of this awesome tutorial you can recreate Instagram Nashville Effect. You will use different color correction adjustment layers to achieve this style.

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28. Dead Zone Blur Streaks Effect With Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you’ll find out how to create an amazing motion blur-type of effect. In order to achieve it you need to colorize a photo, than select a single column of pixels and stretch it across the image to make streaks of colors.

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29. Non-Destructive Lens Flare Effect In Photoshop

Without making any permanent changes, with this tut, you can add a popular lens flare effect to your image.

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30. Colorizing Images With Gradients In Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to colorize the image using custom gradients. The author of this tutorial will take you through Gradient Map image adjustments. Also, this lesson will tell you how to apply different colors to different brightness levels of an image.

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31. Dreamy Photo Effect Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll get to know how to add a magic dreamy effect to your image. Adding bokeh, flecks of sunlight and filters will turn your photo into a real masterpiece.

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32. How to Correct Green Color Cast

Green, rich foliage makes a perfect backdrop for any photo, but it creates a green color cast at the same time. There is a pretty fast technique for getting rid of greenish skin.

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33. Dave Hill Photo Effect: Quick Tutorial

Are you a great fan of Dave Hill photography‌ This Photoshop tutorial was made for you.

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34. Video tutorial: Create a Vintage Toy Camera Look

This video tutorial will show you how to turn your photo into a vintage styled image.

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35. How to Use Light and Shadow to Create a Dramatic Photo Effect with Photoshop

You can easily change a light scene in your photo to give a really dramatic atmosphere. In this tutorial you’ll also find out how to use Channels to change the sky and filters for giving a dreamy look.

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36. Tilt-Shift Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through creation of a Tift-Shift picture.

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37. Give a Yellow Lamborghini a Paint Job

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38. How to Create a Black & White “Matte” Photo

This quick guide will show you how to turn a bright contrast shot into a cool black and white image.

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39. Quick Tip: Use Photoshop to Turn Day Into Dusk

Taking photos at night is not a simple task. Therefore, sometimes it’s easier to convert a daylight photo into a night one with Photoshop.

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40. Partial Color Photo Effect Tutorial

Learn to transform a color image into black and white, then reveal the parts of an image with the help of Layer Masks.

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41. Tutorial on How to Create “Toaster” Instagram Effect

This is one more incredible tutorial on how to create the “Toaster” Instagram effect.

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42. An Introduction to Photoshop Actions: Create a Simple Lomo Photo Effect

In this article you’ll find a detailed explanation on how to use actions. Photoshop Actions are a very handy tool that can save your time and efforts.

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43. Turn an Ordinary Photo into an Oil Painting

In this article you’ll learn to create an oil painting effect.

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44. Create a Dragan Style Portrait Effect in 5 Steps

Have you ever seen the works of Andrzej Gragan‌ His photos have high contrast and specific colors. This tutorial will teach you to mimic this awesome effect.

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45. Give Your Ordinary Portrait Photo Glamorous Effect with Charming Make-up

Make-up changes everything. This easy guide will walk you through how to give an ordinary image a glamorous effect with the help of make-up.

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46. Chocolate Skin Effect

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47. Star Diffusion

This Star Diffusion Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to add a dreamy effect to your pictures. It’s a perfect choice for various holiday images.

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48. Cross-Processing: a Simple but Effective Way to Get this Classic Effect

The cross-processing effect is often used in fashion photography to add a cool look that you can see in the image above.

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49. Photoshop Effects: How to Mimic Studio Lighting for Stylish Portraits

The most of us will never get the chance shoot in a studio. So, here is a good way to mimic studio lighting with the help of Photoshop.

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50. Fake HDR Effects Elements Photo Effect Tutorial

HDR photography editing techniques add rich colors that make a shoot look artistic.

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55 Cool Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials for Designers in 2017

Remember how scary it was when you were a little kid and you had to start reading books in school that didn’t have any pictures in them? Truth be told, that little kid still exists inside all of us; it’s one of the reasons why print media designs often rely on photos and illustrations rather than walls of bland text.

But text doesn’t have to be boring-after all, text is just another form of visual imagery, one that can become a beautiful work of art with the use of unique fonts or interesting Photoshop effects.

To help print designers in 2014 incorporate cool text effects into the visual identity of their designs, here are some of our top picks for the best Photoshop text tutorials.

Easy Photoshop Text Tutorials for Beginners

If you’re still learning the fundamentals of design or want some quick-and-easy text ideas to jazz up your print designs, these beginner tutorials will be a big asset. In your lessons you’ll learn how to apply texture and 3D effects, create logos, utilize masks and other simple techniques for enhancing your text.

1. Using Text As A Container For More Text In Photoshop

2. Glossy Emblem Text Effects

3. Create a Realistic Emboss/Deboss Effect

4. Icy Styles in Photoshop

5. How To Create a Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

6. Moon Shine Text Effect

7. Simple Styled Text with Stars Effect

8. Elegant Glossy Gold Text Effect

9. Hipster Text Effect in Photoshop CS6

10. The Sugar Bag Effect

11. Easy Chalk Ornament Typography in Photoshop

12. Abstract Shining Text Effect with Groovy Font

13. Easy Plastic Text with Layer Styles In Photoshop

14. Papercraft Text Effect

15. Making a Clipping Mask With Text In Photoshop

16. Simple Bokeh Text Effect

17. Waves Text Effect

18. Create a Trendy Typographic Poster Design

19. How to Create an Impressive-Looking Text Effect

20. Lost in Space Typography in Photoshop

Intermediate Photoshop Text Tutorials

These text tutorials are a little more advanced and require some basic knowledge of various Photoshop techniques-but don’t worry, each tutorial provides links to the supplementary information you’ll need to complete the design. In some cases, additional programs may be required, such as Adobe Illustrator.

21. Quick Tutorial: Create a Reusable Retro Type Treatment

22. Stunning 3D Effects in 30 Minutes

23. Soft Stylized 3D Type

24. Wood Inlay Text

25. Create a Candy Flavored Text Effect in Photoshop

26. How to Quickly Create a Stylish Retro Text Effect

27. 80’s Style Design Using Photoshop

28. Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop

29. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

30. Text In Stitches

31. How to Create Suspended Text Effect

32. Funky Stickers

33. Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life

34. Folded Text Effect

35. Chalk Text Effect

36. Number Candles Text Effect

37. Gorgeous Glassy Text Effect

Advanced Photoshop Text Tutorials

These Photoshop tutorials are for more knowledgeable designers, helping them to create beautifully complex word art and 3D special effects. Many of these tutorials will require the use of additional software, such as 3D rendering tools.

38. Create 3D Rubber and Glass Text in Photoshop CS6

39. Shiny Inflated Foil 3D Text Effect

40. Create a 3D Ice Text Effect With Modo and Photoshop

41. 3D Skyscraper Text Effect in Photoshop CS5

42. Advanced Glow Effects

43. Create a Magma Hot Text Effect in Photoshop

44. Create a 3D Flowery Text Effect

45. How to Create 3D Text Blocks in Photoshop

46. 3D Textured Text Effect

47. Simple 3D Acrylic Text Effect in Photoshop CS6

48. How to Create Colorful Wooden 3D Text

49. How to Make Translucent 3D Text

50. Create a Spectacular Style Text Effect

51. Photoshop Tutorial: Master 3D Type Effects

52. How to Create a 3D Text Photo Manipulation

53. Create a Dream Design with 3D Typography

54. Create 3D Type Using Photoshop CS6

55. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop tutorial: Discover Hidden Depths in Type illustration

BONUS: Delicious Bagels Text Effect


Creating art with words will never die, no matter how advanced our capabilities for image rendering take us. When paper with moving images like a computer screen becomes commonplace, designers will still be using text to convey their message and create visual interest. Challenge yourself to design with stunning text and see where your creativity takes you.

We’d love to see what you come up with, so share examples of your best text effects in the comments below. And if you know of other helpful Photoshop text tutorials or you’ve created tutorials of your own, now’s your chance to share them with the world.

For more interesting Photoshop techniques, be sure to check out our list of the best free photo editing tutorials.


41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects [Photoshop Tutorials]

41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects [Photoshop Tutorials] - Hongkiat

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Looking at how powerful Photoshop can be in terms of photo editing, it’s probably not important if you suck at taking photographs or being labeled an amateur photographer. As long as you picked up a couple of Photoshop photo editing skills, it will still impress those who sees it.

So the next time you want to publish some photos online, consider editing them so they look more impressive. Here’s a compilation of 41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects you can take into reference. Full content after jump.

  1. Mental Wave Explosion Effect

    How to create a crazy explosion, like a mix of Magneto’s ability with Peter Petrelli’s power.

  2. Realistic Water Reflection

    How to easily add a realistic water reflection to any photo.

  3. Displacement effects

    How to use a variety of filters and techniques to produce an image in an experimental style.

  4. Make Photos More Suggestive

    Learn how to make the model in this tutorial more suggestive with awesome curves

  5. Halftone Dots and Linear Light

    A very cool linear light halftone dot effect in less than 2 minutes.

  6. Retro Comic Book Effect

    Creating a old comic book effect for your photos.

  7. Add Realistic Rainbow To A Photo

    Easily add a rainbow, even a double rainbow, to a photo.

  8. How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography

    Take a digital photo and make it Lomoified

  9. Creating a Rocking Silhouette

    How to create a silhouette of a person taken from a normal photo, adding colorful light to it as if the light source is located behind this object.

  10. Adding Reflections To Sunglasses

    How to add reflections, or at least, different reflections, to sunglasses.

  11. Age Progression

    This video tutorial shows you step by step how to make someone, or yourself looks older.

  12. Dark Art Picture Style

    How to combine some stocks and Photoshop techniques to make an amazing dark art picture style.

  13. Bringing a Stone Statue to Life

    How to take a stone statue and alter it to look life-like.

  14. Changing Hair Color

  15. Add Another Dimension

    Create stunning effects using glows.

  16. Crack and Peel

  17. Cool Halftone Effect

    How to create halftone patterns and creatively cut up an image of a model holding a boombox.

  18. Devil’s Eyes

    How to make eyes look more sinister

  19. Dynamic Lightning

    How to spice up a fairly dull and flat photograph.

  20. Eery-Eye Photo Manipulation

  21. Expressive lighting effects

    How to go about combining several lighting techniques

  22. Fantasy Art

  23. Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion

    Creating a spectacular space scene featuring two planets colliding.

  24. Color Hair Locks

    Getting the hair colored in just few minutes.

  25. How to turn your photo into movie-like effect

  26. Mosaic, Fill A Photo With Photos

    Create a bit of an optical illusion, filling one photo with many smaller photos, or at least, many copies of a couple of smaller photos.

  27. Photoshop Effects: Focus With Light

    How to add focus to an image with light, using Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter and multiple light sources.

  28. Zombie

    Turning Mandy Moore or anyone into zombie.

  29. Super Slick Dusky Lighting Effects

    Put together a sunset image mixing some vector shapes and dusky lighting effects to produce a slick image that would make a nice album cover for a chillout mix!

  30. Transform a person into an alien

    How to create a very cool looking alien using Adobe Photoshop

  31. Seriously Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect

    How to break apart a body, then add some awesome lighting and glow, and nopattern style, to finish the image off.

  32. Reflective Bubble

  33. How to Make Circle Pixels (Pop-art Style)

  34. Easy Watercolor Painting Effect

    How to easily make a photo look more like a watercolor painting.

  35. Realistic Tattoos

    This tutorial uses a few basic photoshop techniques, masking, color adjustment, liquify and the resize and transformation tools.

  36. Robotic Frog

    How to take a regular frog and opened him up to reveal a mechanical skeleton.

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35 Collage Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners (and Experts)

If you love making collages with scissors, glue, mom’s magazines and dad’s subscriptions when you were growing up, there is no reason to stop now. Collage is a specific technique of art that is made from different pieces of artworks which create a new, improved, sometimes perfect look. These days, you can make an awesome Collage with Photoshop!

Here are 50 excellent Collage Photoshop Tutorials that will teach you to combine photography with hand-drawn elements and turn an otherwise ordinary image into awesome photo manipulation. You’ll get to know how to incorporate lots of objects into one stunning image.

Recommended Reading: How To Create A Painting Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Who knows, later on you might be able to create gift cards, postcards or even a beautiful cover for your own book. Let’s get inspired!

1. How To Make A Photoshop Montage

2. Free Psd Premium Tutorial: Create A Mixed Style Collage

3. Learn How To Design A Charming Collage Composition

4. Create A Nature-Inspired Digital Illustration In Photoshop

5. Futuristic Collage

6. Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Stunning Pin-Up Collage

7. New Premium TUT – How To Create A Digital Collage With 3D Shapes, Patterns, & Colors

8. Surreal Collage Creation

9. Premium Tutorial – Recycle Vintage Images To Create A Photoshop Collage

10. How To Create An Abstract Photo Manipulation

11. Create A Mock-Retro Poster Concept

12. Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Digital Collage From Hand-Drawn Elements

13. Photoshop Tutorial: Create An Amazing Summer Flyer Design

14. Creative Collages And Mixed-Media Effects

15. Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced Compositing Techniques

16. A New Take On Cityscape Collage

17. Be Clear Through Abstraction

18. Construct Beautiful Distortions

19. High-Rise B-Movie Poster Case Study By Falcon White Design

20. Design An Awesome Urban City Photo-Montage In Photoshop

21. Create Atmospheric Digicollages

22. Case Study “Deadliest Catch”

23. Create A Surreal Urban City Montage with Lightning Effect in Photoshop

24. Collage Of Polaroids

25. Create A Grunge & Textured Mixed Collage In Photoshop

26. Photoshop Tutorial: Making of “Color Combustion’ A Photo Manipulation

27. How To Create A Fantasy Photomanipulation In Photoshop

28. Photoshop Tutorial: Retro Collage Techniques

29. How To Create An “Alice in Wonderland’ Inspired Artwork With Photoshop

30. Add A Vintage Feel With Custom Brush Strokes

31. Add Depth To Mixed-Media Collages

32. Construct A Kaleidoscopic Collage Effect In Photoshop

33. Create An Abstract Collage effect

34. Digitally Collage A Camouflage Paper Jacket

35. Create A Striking Collage Fusing Ancient And Modern


Photoshop Tutorials | PSHERO

In this Photoshop Text Effect you'll learn to create a simple Scrapbook style text effect that can be used as a stand alone word treatment or converted to individual reusable .png files with a transparent background. Category: Text Effects | Comments: 14 In this Photoshop tutorial I'll show you how to create a 3D Push Pin using Photoshop Extended's 3D drawing and rendering capabilities. Put your 3D glasses on and enjoy the show! Category: Graphic Design | Comments: 6 In this Photoshop tutorial we're going to step outside my usual Photoshop Only philosophy and use the 3D rendering power of Adobe Illustrator to create a cool little 3D text effect. Don't worry noobs, you don't need to know anything about Illustrator, as usual I'll coach you through the whole process. Category: Text Effects | Comments: 39 In this Photo Effects tutorial I'll show you how to extract a photo border from it's background and make it infinitely more versatile for your photography projects. Category: Photo Effects | Comments: 12 In part 2 of this HDR series I'll cover my process for tone mapping in Photomatix Pro and then we'll move on to Adobe Camera Raw for some final adjustments. Category: Photo Effects | Comments: 17 In this Photoshop Tutorial I'll take you through my process for creating stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images with tonal ranges just not possible to achieve with a single photograph. Category: Photo Effects | Comments: 8 This Photoshop tutorial comes to you by way of a request from Susan in London, who wanted to know how to create an invitation similar to one she'd seen online. I don't do too much girly stuff, so I thought this might be a good time to pander a bit to the ladies. Category: Graphic Design | Comments: 37 I probably get 2-3 spam emails a week from some company wanting to sell me new wheels for my car. It's getting a little annoying, so to strike back, I'm going to show you how to duplicate the text effect in their ad... It's a bit of a noobish effect, but it'll make me feel better so I'm doing it anyway. Category: Text Effects | Comments: 16 In this tutorial I'm going to show you a quick and easy 2 step process grunge photo effect that I stumbled upon while attempting to accomplish something completely different. That's right, I'm going to teach you a happy accident. Category: Photo Effects | Comments: 34 In this Photoshop tutorial I'll show you how to achieve a neat little text effect with an image overlay while learning the basics of using displacement masks. Category: Text Effects | Comments: 81


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